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13. Mordaunt Family in Australia & New Zealand

1148 - 1475
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This page is regularly added to or corrected as I discover or am given more information. Any information you can provide about your family members, past or present, would be very welcome. Please forward to
This page was last amended in November, 2023.

The Australian and New Zealand records suitable for family history research available on the Internet are probably the poorest in the English speaking world. They are very scant.

Any information you can provide will be valued. Please forward anything for inclusion on this page to


  • James Mordant (abt. 1795 - 1844). On 11th January 1815 he was sentenced at the Old Bailey to 14 years transportation to Australia "for feloniously and without lawful excuse, having in his custody and possession a forged bank note for the payment of 2, knowing it to be forged". The prison hulk register gives his age as 20 years. He was one of 300 convicts transported on the vessel Baring which sailed on 20th April 1815 for New South Wales, arriving at Sydney 140 days later on 7th September.
    The State Records of New South Wales include a letter to the Colonial Secretary (Secretary to the Governor) dated 8th December 1817 requesting a conditional pardon for James, who was working as a clerk in the Judge Advocates Office. He was granted such a pardon on 4th June 1818 but continues to be listed on Convict Musters after this. In an 1820 Convict Muster list he was shown allocated as a servant to a Mr Hoskins.
    I am grateful to a correspondent, Brett Stubbs, who wrote to me with helpful additional information found during his research into Australian brewing industry history. He was able to inform me that James's absolute pardon was granted in 1821. The 1825 Muster shows he was back working in the Judge Advocate's Office. Clearly James was a educated man whose sentence was not proving too uncomfortable. His sentence would have been up in 1829. The 1825 Muster also shows he had a wife, Eliza (abt. 1796 - 1831), who had arrived in Australia on the vessel "Mary Ann". The "Mary Ann" brought female convicts to Australia in 1815 and 1822; a 1828 Census of NSW gives her date of arrival as 1816. According to Brett, James briefly operated a brewery and public house in central Sydney. It was a pre-existing business, whose owner had died in 1826. James ran it from about 1828 until 1831, and he may have given it up because of the death of his wife, Eliza, who sadly passed away in Sydney district and was buried on 4th February 1831. Brett was also able to inform me that James returned briefly to the United Kingdom, leaving Sydney in 1825, and returning via Hobart in 1827. Eliza seems to have remained in NSW during that time. James's death was registered in Sydney in 1844.

  • William Mordant was another convict, I am grateful to Art Warren for finding out about him and bringing him to my attention. Convicted at Warwick Assizes and sentenced to life, he was transported on 22nd July 1830 on the Burrell. For some time he was in Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney.

  • Frederick Mordaunt (? - before 1826), who married Temperance Boulter (before 10 Nov 1785 - 10 May 1875) at St Paul's, Shadwell, on 10th September, 1808.
    • Phebe (sic) Mordaunt (1818 - 1904). The records of St Mary, Newington, across the river in Surrey, show that Phebe was born on 14th January 1818 and baptised as late as 15th February, 1826, by which time her father had died. Her mother Temperance, as a widow, is recorded marrying William Neale, a widower, at St. George in the Borough, Southwark, in January, 1830. They emigrated to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) where Phebe is identified in the Duniam family tree on as the Phoebe Mordaunt who married Hubert Duniam (1801 - 1855) at Launceston, Tasmania, on 1st March 1838, according to local records, and died in Wynard, Tasmania on 5th May, 1904. This WikiTree link lists their ten children.
      I am very grateful to Neil McKeller-Stewart who kindly wrote to me in October 2023 filling in gaps regarding Phebe/Phoebe and passing on to me his WikiTree links.

  • Louisa Ann Mordaunt, married William Eykyn Leigh in Sydney on 23rd March, 1846, according to an entry in the website. This is confirmed by the Australian Marriage Index on which places the wedding at Liverpool Plains, Tamworth, NSW, under the groom's name and in Pitt Streeet, Sydney under the brides! The "Ancestry of Opal and Ted Thompson" on states that she died in 1885, aged 60 and therefore was born in 1825. It is possible, therefore, in the lack of any other information that I have found, that she could be a daughter to transportees James and Eliza Mordaunt above.

  • A Elizabeth Sarah Mordaunt married a George Jones and had a number of children listed in the Australia Death Index on
    • Louisa Dagnall Jones (? - 1861) in Queensland
    • Elizabeth Helena Jones (? - 1866) in Queensland
    • Agnes Mordaunt Jones (? - 1936) in Queensland. She seems to have married a ?? Cammerer
    • George Mordaunt Jones (? - 1933) in Queensland
    I don't think it is unreasonable to speculate she may have been a daughter of James and Eliza above.

  • A Rosina Mary Mordaunt married a James Darling and had two children listed in the Australia Death Index on
    • William Ward Darling (? - 1861) in Cheltenham, Victoria.
    • Ernest Henry Darling (? - 1866) in Hawthorn, Victoria.
    I don't think it is unreasonable to speculate he may have been a daughter of James and Eliza above.

  • John Mordaunt, died in South Australia, 27th September, 1865. The National Probate Calendar states that he had been a mariner, formerly Chief Mate of ship "Medina" but late of the city of Adelaide in charge of the Powder magazines. Letters of Administration were awarded in April 1866 to Agnes Mordaunt, his widow, of Black Rock, Cork, Ireland. Whether she had been with him in Australia and returned to Ireland, I do not know.
    I don't think it is unreasonable to speculate he may have been a son of James and Eliza above.

  • Henry Mordaunt, died in Forbes, NSW, in 1873. I don't think it is unreasonable to speculate he may have been a son of James and Eliza above.

  • Henry Hooper Mordaunt (abt. 1873 - 1949) was buried at Bairndale Cemetery, Victoria, on 19th December, 1949, in the catholic section. It was presumably his wife, Emily (abt. 1882 - 1973), who lattterly had been living in Sydney, but who was brought back for burial in Bairnsdale Cemetery on 23rd January, 1973, albeit in the Church of England section!!

  • Albert Mordaunt, (abt. 1879 - 1958) is listed in the Australia Death Index, transcribed on www. in East Coolgardie, Western Australia.

  • Mrs Maclean Mordaunt, according to the Sands Directory for Sydney and South Wales, was resident in John Street, Burwood in 1875

  • Reverend ? Mordaunt is listed as a passenger on the ship 'Derwent' which arrived in Sydney from Brisbane on 17th October 1887. Just over three weeks later, on 11th November 1887, he arrived back in Sydney, this time on the ship 'Leura;' from Melbourne accompannied by
    • Master Mordaunt (b. 1881) aged 6 years and
    • Miss Mordaunt (b. 1884) aged 3 years.

  • Harriet Mordaunt married Richard Arthur in Victoria in 1891,
    • Victor Clarence Arthur (abt. 1896 - 1958) who died in Victoria

  • Elizabeth Mordaunt married George William Hare in Victoria in 1895. Was she related to Harriet, above? Were they both part of the family of John Mordaunt in Victoria at this time, below?

  • Montague Mordaunt, according to the Sands Directory for Sydney and South Wales, was resident in Goulburn throughout 1896 - 1910

  • Henry Montague Mordaunt, according to the Colonist newspaper, was violently assaulted in Sydney, narrowly escaping with his life, on 30th August 1898. Sentenced to death for the subsequent murder of his own sister-in-law, Napoleon Jean Lisson had his sentence commuted to life imprisonment for insanity. Henry sued for 2,000 damages but was awarded 375.
  • A Henry M. Mordaunt and his wife Margaret registered the birth of daughters
    • Ellen M. Mordaunt (1897 - ?) in Glebe, NSW.
    • Catherine Mordaunt (1899 - ?) in Sydney, NSW.

  • H. Mordaunt, according to the Sands Directory for Sydney and South Wales, was a builder turned architect in Goulburn between 1914 - 1924

  • L. D. Mordaunt, according to the Sands Directory for Sydney and South Wales, was resident in Anzac Par., SH, R'wick, in 1924

  • Arthur Eric Mordaunt (abt. 1877 - before 1936) was, according to his son's birth certificate, born in Sheffield, England, and married in Islington, London, on 26th February 1911, to Mary Frawley (abt. 1882 - ?), who had been born in Young, NSW. On the birth certificate, Arthur was 38 years old and Mary was 33 years old. This presents a mystery because I have yet to find any record of an Arthur Eric Mordaunt in the UK. There was a Mordaunt family group in Sheffield in the 1870s/1880s, but no Arthur Eric.
    According to the Australian Electoral Rolls, he was resident in Western Australia, between 1901 and 1925. In 1901 he was a miner in Collie, Swan, but he and his Australian born wife were reportedly married in Islington, Middx., UK. In the 1916 electoral roll they were back in Australia where he was an engine driver in Yilgarn, Kalgoorlie. In the 1925 Roll, Mary is not listed; Arthur is a line repairer in Toodyay, Swan, Western Australia
    • Arthur Thomas Lloyd Mordaunt (31st May 1915 - 1969) was born at 23, Coolgardie Street, Subiaco, Western Australia. The name Lloyd was possibly in honour of the attending nurse/midwife, Minnie Lloyd. He married Jean Victoria Shuttleworth (24th May 1916 - ?), born in the district of Port Melbourne, on 28th November 1936 at St. John's, West Brunswick. He was described as a die maker and she as a machinist.
      Arthur went off to war (WWII) and he and Jean separated at some time. Jean remarried a ? Warren and the children grew up with the surname Warren. Arthur was buried on 28th February 1969 at Templestowe, Victoria.
      • Arthur William Mordaunt (b. 21st August 1939) was born in He was baptised at Holy Trinity, Coburg, on 31st August, 1941. He is now known as Arthur (Art) Warren.
      • Stanley John Mordaunt (b. 6th January 1941) was born in Heidelburg. His parents were living in Regina Street. He is now known as Stanley Warren.
      • Nancy Jean Mordaunt (b. 19th July 1943). She was after known as Nancy Warren.
      Arthur married his second wife, Susan, on 29th June 1953.

    I am very grateful to Art Warren for contacting me with information and photographs about his family.

  • Helen Mordaunt, according to the Australian Electoral Rolls, was resident in Dalgety Street, St. Kilda West, Balaclava, Victoria, in 1909.

  • Eileen Mordaunt, according to the Australian Electoral Rolls, was resident in Delbridge, Batman, Victoria, in 1914. An Eileen Mordaunt married Lorimer David Johnston (are they in the right order?) in Victoria in 1914.


  • Sarah Mordaunt/Mordant, according to the Queensland Mental Asylum Case Books 1860 - 1931 was admitted to an asylum between 1893 and 1918

  • Louis Mordaunt is very confusing. According to the Australian Electoral Rolls, he was a carpenter in Coonamble, Darling, NSW, with his wife, Doris Eva Emaline Coppin. They had married in 1927 (thanks to Gary Whetton for that). Living with them, also of voting age was
  • Henry Mordaunt, also a carpenter
    However, Louis and Doris also appear to be on the Electoral Roll at Oatley, Barton, NSW, (some 200 miles away?) where Louis was listed as a labourer and they had living with them, over voting age:
  • Emily Mordaunt

  • Joseph Mordaunt and his wife Ann are recorded as the parents of
    • Charles (Chas) Mordaunt (8th March 1801 - 1886), christened at the church of St. John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey on 10th May 1801. He was listed in the 1841 census as a tailor living in Southwark. He married Anne Elizabeth (Eliza) Cook (after 1805 - 1876) at St. Matthew's, Brixton, on 2nd July, 1826. However, to confuse matters, a record of Banns published for St. Matthew's, Brixton, gives the date of the Banns as 25th February, 1827! I have not found them in the 1851 census but in the 1861 census they were in Cannon Street in the City and by the 1871 census were in Hackney, where he was suddenly described as a Commercial Clerk. Was this a grand name for a shopworker? He lived to a grand age and was last listed, now a widower, in the 1881 census, described as a retired tailor. Many of his children did not marry and after the deaths of the parents continued to live in the house, 242 Amhurst Road, Stoke Newington.
      I am grateful to Jane Wherity née Mordaunt, descended from Charles through another his sons, Baron , who kindly contacted me and filled in some of the gaps in the census and other records.
      • Charles (Chas) John Cook Mordaunt (abt 1827 - 1904)was born in Brixton, Surrey. He was christened at Christ Church, Southwark, on 1st April, 1832, along with his sister Mary Ann and brother Frederick. The family were living in Nelson Square. He married Jemima Smith (11th October 1836 - 4th April 1905) at Willesdon Church on 27th January, 1857. They hop in and out of the census list. He is first listed with his family in 1841, he next appears in the 1871 census with his wife living in Clapham with one daughter. Following his father, he was a drapers' shop assistant. They had moved to Croydon for the 1881 census when he was described as a woolen salesman. In the 1891 census (where, curiously, his wife is listed as Annie), he was described as outfitter's clerk. In the 1901 census, now 73 years-old, he was described as a retired clothing salesman.
        • Charles John Mordaunt (20th January 1858 - 24th March 1913) was born in Forest Hill, Kent, and christened at Christchurch, Forest Hill, Kent. He went to Australia where he married Nora Agnes Byrne (1862 - 11th May 1936), an Irish lass from Perth, at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Adelaide in 1883. He died at his home in Devon Street, Goodwood, South Australia.
          • Charles John Mordaunt (5th October 1884 - 12th June 1964) was born in Adelaide. He was the eldest but curiously later newspaper cuttings rediscovered by Gary Whetton and shown in the site Guest Book, indicate that William Frederick (see below) was the eldest son and Richard George (also see below) was the second son.
            His marriage too is confusing. He married in East Coolgardie, Western Australia, (an important gold-field at the time), in 1907. The newspaper announcement, under the heading MORDAUNT-OLSEN, states that his bride was Mattie, niece of O. N. Olsen, of Sydney. One family tree on gives her name as Martha Olsen. Two other family trees on the website give her name as Martha Rafferty (sic) . The transcribed Australian Marriage Index on lists the marriages of both a Martha Olsen and a Martha Raftry in East Coolgardie in 1907. Her death registration record gives her father's name as James MacLoughlan. The only certainty is that, in official records after, she appears as Martha Currey Mordaunt. (? - 27th July 1942). They were listed in the 1930 and 1936 Australian electoral rolls living in Earlwood, Parkes, NSW. The children are listed in the order they appear in the announcement of Martha's death in the local newspaper
            • Charles John Hedderwick Mordaunt (Hedderwick was the maiden name of his maternal grandmother) (? - 1968) married 1. Melba Madeline Griffin in 1933 in Canterbury. In the 1936 Australian Electoral Rolls, they were living in Harcourt, Lang, NSW, where he was working as an adding machine inspector, of all things They had a still born baby daughter in 1943.
            • Mary M. Mordaunt who married Thomas E. O'Donnell in Canterbury, NSW, in 1934
            • Cicely Mordaunt (? - 1949). She was listed living at home in the 1936 Australian electoral roll, working as a clerk
            • Peter Laurence Mordaunt (1913 - 1992). He was listed in the 1936 Australian electoral roll living at home, described as an agent. He later served in the RAAF as an aircraft mechanic ans is later listed as a toolmaker. He married Lorna Doone Holmes in Canterbury, NSW, in 1937.
              • Pamela Ann Mordaunt (b. 28th June 1938) was born in Sydney
                • Michael Hennessy.
                • Annemarie Hennessy (b. 1962) I am very grateful to Annemarie who kindly wrote to my Facebook page with information on her family.
                • Wendy Hennessy, now Wendy Hurley.
              • Lynette Mordaunt, who married Noel Hird
                • Jennifer Hird.
                • Craig Hird
                • Michelle Hird
                • Matthew Hird Hird
              • Peter Lawrence Mordaunt (b. 1947) who married Susan Hassell
                • Jacqui Mordaunt who married Christopher Terry.
                I am very grateful to Leonard Pearsell, fellow family history enthusiast, who kindly wrote to me in October, 2020, with additional information about the family. He is confused as I am by the references to the name Olson, above, and explained he is descended from the Raftery family and that Raftery was/is the correct spelling and not Rafferty.
            • Francis Xavier Mordaunt (1915 - 1941) was born in Adelaide. He joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1935 and rose to Petty Officer Writer.
              He married Eileen Jean Reeves in Canterbury in 1937. He died while serving aboard the light cruiser HMAS Sydney, which was sunk during an engagement with the German armed merchant raider Kormoran, which itself was so badly damaged it had to be scuttled.
              Eileen married, in 1945, a naval officer, Terence E. J. Moodie.
              • Phillip James Mordaunt (b. 11th October 1937) was born in Sydney. After his mother's remarriage he and his brother took the name Moodie.
              • Terence John Mordaunt (b. 19th April 1941) was born in Melbourne. After his mother's remarriage he and his brother took the name Moodie. I am very grateful to Terence who contacted me to correct errors and add information about his family. He also informed me that, after consultation with his family, he had legally changed his name back from Moody to Mordaunt
              (Again I am grateful to correspondent, Gary Whetton (see below), for sending me the photograpgh, April 2016)
            • Joan Alice Mordaunt (1917 - 27th June 2005) too was born in Adelaide. She was a lay worker with Aboriginal communities in the Daly River Mission, Northern Territories, and was an activist for Aboriginal rights. She later worked with the Catholic Family Welfare Bureau in New South Wales, the Darwin Catholic Missions and the Office of Aboriginal Affairs. She also worked with the Bega Valley Aboriginal Advancement Association.
              She married Donald Lockhard Whetton (1907 - 1995), a carpenter, in Canterbury, NSW, in 1942 and died in Queanbeyan, New South Wales.
              • Donald Ian Whetton who married Maureen Buttery
                • Gary Andrew Whetton (b. 3rd May 1963). I am grateful to Gary, who lives in the US, who contacted me with a wealth of information about his grandmother and other Mordaunt family members.
                • Anne Theresa Whetton (b. 20th July 1966)
            • Sheila Agnes Mordaunt. She married Albert Henry Derrett in Canterbury in 1942.
            • Bernard Anthony Mordaunt who also served in the RAAF. Recorded as a turner in the registry, he married Elizabeth Valentine and appears in electoral rolls for 1949 and 1954 in New South Wales.
              • Joan Mordaunt
              • Katherine Mordaunt, deceased
              • June Mordaunt I am grateful to Jasmine Ryan, June's yougest daughter, for sending me details of her family through my Facebook Mordaunt Family History Page
            • Fred Mordaunt M.S.C. (d. 25th March, 2005) was described in the 1942 newspaper announcement of his mother's death as a Brother in the order of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis in Latin). However, later he was definitely a priest in the Order. Gary Whetton remembers he served in Papua and New Guinea.
            • Norah Mordaunt Annemarie Hennessy told me I had omitted Norah from the list of children. I am not sure where she fits in.
            • Philip Mordaunt (? - 1963) Annemarie Hennessy told me he was the youngest of the family. He married Pearlia May Harrison in 1946. He died in Liverpool, NSW. They had at least one son
              • LLewelyn Mordaunt
            The Australia Birth Index 1907-1916 on lists a number of births in South Australia that may be part of the same family; it would be surprising, given the period, if some of such a large family did not grow to adulthood
            • Christina May Mordaunt.
            • Dorothy Kathleen Mordaunt. Her death is listed in for the period 1916 - 1925
          • Christiana (Chrissie) Mary Mordaunt (30th August 1886 - 17th January 1938) was born in Adelaide. She married Thomas Gore at Sacred Heart, Daringhurst, Sydney on 29th April 1925. She was a widow when she died in 1938 at Alexandra Private Hospital, living at Montpelier, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane. The National Probate Calender of England and Wales states that she had effects of 570 4s 11d in England. She presumably had family who posted a 25th wedding anniversary announcement in "The Advertiser," SA, in 1950, as rediscovered by Gary Whetton
          • William Frederick Mordaunt (12th August 1888 - later the same year) was born in Glanville Port, Adelaide.
          • Richard George Mordaunt (2nd August 1890 - 16th March 1968) was born in Adelaide. Gary Whetton posted details from "The Mail", newspaper, South Australia, September 1914, in my GuestBook. Richard George married Effie Pirie Chandler (? - 23rd June 1970) at St Ignatious Church, Norwood, SA. Bridesmaid was "Miss Chrissie Mordaunt." Present were his mother Norah (sic) and Misses Nell, Vera, Dorothy and Alice.
            • Joan Mordaunt
            • Louise Mordaunt
            • Joffe Mordaunt
            • Barry Mordaunt
          • Alice Mordaunt (28th July 1893 - ?) was born in Adelaide. She married Hubert Lionel Elliott at St Vincent de Paul Orphanage Church on 5th November 1914. Among other children they had was
            • Arthur Mordaunt Elliott, whose granddaughter Margaret Roffey kindly contacted me through my Guest Book.
            • John Elliot
            • Noreen Elliot
          • Nellie Gertrude Mordaunt (7th July 1895 - before November 1917). She was not listed among the brothers and sisters of William Frederick on his death announcement in 1917 and so I assume she died younng between 1914 and 1917.
            • Francis Keene
            • Richard Keene
            • Pat Keene
            • Dorothy Keene
            • Kevin Keene
            • Leo Keene
          • John Arthur Mordaunt (19th October 1897 - 26th March 1985) was born in Adelaide. He was named in a death announcement for William Frederick in 1917 (again forwarded by Gary Whetton), named as a surviving brother. He married Phyllis Frances Penn (16th July 1902 - 14th January 1977)
            • Phyllis Mordaunt
            • Dean Mordaunt
            • Geraldine Mordaunt (b. 24th November 1930). I am very grateful to Geraldine for contacting me in March 2016 with additional information about her family.
          • Vera Mordaunt (9th June 1900 - 9th August 1959) was born in Adelaide. She completed nursing training in the UK in 1926 and joined the Colonial Nursing Staff in 1931. She established Kenya's first leper colony. She married Furio Camillo Tellatin in 1937 at Kitale, Rift Valley, Kenya. Later she married a Mr Johnson, date not known. She died at Eldoret, Kenya in 1959 (with more thanks to Gary Whetton)
            • Veila Telatin
          • Norah Mordaunt (10th August 1903 - ?) was born in Adelaide. Her engagement to Michel Peter Nicholas Ferrandiere in 1928 was announced in the local paper. They married on 21st April in 1930 in South Australia.
            • Adrianne Suzanne Frendiare (24th March 1933 - 29th August 1995). She married Harold John Pennell (1934 - 2006) in 1954. They had six children.
            • Emile Ferrandiere (b. 16th May 1938) was born in nnorth Sydney. He kindly made contact with me confirming many family details. The family live in Freshwater.
          • Dorothy Kathleen Mordaunt (? - ?) was named in a newspaper cutting dated 7th July 1935, posted on my Guest Book by Gary Whetton, as the youngest daughter of Norah and Charles on what I assume was the anniversary of her death. If so, she died at the age of 18 years.

  • ? Mordaunt and his, by me, unknown wife, were the parents of
    • Richard Charles Mordaunt (abt. 1919 - 7th February 1942) whose birth was recorded in the Australia Birth Index 1907-1916 on Thanks again to Gary Whetton who found that he married Joan Constance and had a son
      • Gary Mordaunt
      The newspaper announcement of his death stated he was 26 years old, lived at a 4 Durham Street and also listed sisters and a brother
    • Betty Mordaunt
    • Barry Mordaunt
    • Louise Mordaunt

  • John Murray Mordaunt was the younger brother of Sir Charles Mordaunt, 10th Baronet (of Massingham Parva), who passed the baronetcy to his son Osbert L'Estrange Mordaunt (1884 - 1934).
    • Henry John Mordaunt (1867 - 1939). He inherited the baronetcy as 12th Baronet after his cousin, Osbert L'Estrange, the 11th Bart., died without children.
    • Eustace Charles Mordaunt (1870 - 1938)
      • Nigel Mordaunt (1907 - 1979). His uncle, Henry John, having died unmarried, he inherited the baronetcy as 13th Baronet.
        • Richard Nigel Mordaunt (b. 1940), is the 14th Baronet but, having moved to Australia, he perhaps wisely eschewed use of his title. Since 1965 he has been a film-maker, a story teller of our times, producing successful films first in the UK and then in Australia. He married 1. Myriam Atchia and they have two children
          • Michele A. Mordaunt (b. 1965), Her husband is Christopher and they have three children, Rhian, Liam and Tia.
          • a son (b. 1966).
          Richard married 2. Diana Barbara (who has a daughter, Saskia), in 1975 and they emigrated to Australia in 1979. I am grateful to Richard for writing to me, correcting errors and adding information. He explained that they live in Byron Bay, a very beautiful part of northern NSW, where he has continued to make films.

  • John Mordaunt (abt. 1817 - 1845), described as born in Lancashire, appears in the 1841 census as a police officer in Carnforth in the civil parish of Wharton, near Lancaster. Shortly after he married Esther Parker and they had a daughter
    • Mary Hannah Mordaunt who was baptised at St. Oswald's church, Warton, on 24th September 1843.
    Tragedy was to strike. All in the space of 12 months: John died and was buried at the church of St. Michael and All Angels, Hawkshead on 25th February 1845; Esther had been pregnant and gave birth to their son
    • John Mordaunt (1845 - 1917) who was baptised in St. Michael and All Angels Church on 31st August 1845;
    the widow Esther then quickly married another policeman, Joseph Jackson, at the same church on 22nd November 1845; then, baby Mary Hannah died and was buried at the church on 25th January 1846.
    I am grateful to Kate Kirk from Tasmania, who wrote to me to take up the story from here. The Jackson family, with little John Mordaunt, emigrated to Australia. They arrived at Port Phillip, Melbourne, on 29th September, 1852, on the ship Tippoo Saib as unassisted passengers. John Mordaunt, jnr, married Jennettah McLaren in Melbourne, in 1874. According to Kate the children were registered under the spelling, Mordant.
    In Australian electoral rolls (1909 - 1919) for the Yarra district they were recorded at 39 Keele Street, Collingwood
      • Esther Mordant (1875 - 1948). Her birth was recorded in Heidelberg, Victoria. An Esther Mordant married Richard Jennine Constantine (1870 - 1932) in Victoria in 1899.
        • Richard John Constantine (1902 - 1974) died in Box, Victoria.
        Did Esther and Richard divorce? An Esther Mordant married Herst Fluck in Victoria in 1914. She died in Hawthorn, Victoria
      • Lily Mordant (1877 - 1936). Her birth was recorded in Fitzroy, Victoria. A Lily Mordant married George Frederick Ludlow in Victoria in 1903. Did she marry a second time. A Colin Lindsay Hutchings, mother given as Lily Edith Mordant, died in Victoria in 1966.
      • John Mordant (1880 - 1926). His birth was recorded in Collingwood, Victoria.
      • Colina Mordant (1880 - 1880). Her birth and death were recorded in Collingwood, Victoria.
      • Colin McLaren Mordant (1883 - 1933). His birth was recorded in Collingwood, Victoria. He married Mary Edith Green in Victoria in 1912.
      • Robert Parker Mordant (1885 - 1923). His birth was recorded in Collingwood, Victoria. Variously described as a bootmaker or a boot finisher.. He married Theresa Mary Dowden in Victoria in 1919.

    The Index of the Children's Registers of State Ward, 1850 - 1893, for Victoria lists a number of Mordaunt children

    • John William Mordaunt (1868 - ?)
    • Harriet Mordaunt (1871 - ?). A Harriet Mordaunt married Richard Arthur in Victoria in 1891,
      • Victor Clarence Arthur (abt. 1896 - 1958) who died in Victoria
    • Elizabeth Mordaunt (1872 - ?). An Elizabeth Mordaunt married George William Hare in Victoria in 1895.
      I am very grateful to Lynne Mills who wrote to me in January 2018 to tell me that these children were all born Moreland, the children of John Willian Moreland (1845-1900) and Susan Hammett (abt 1850-1939) and were some reason placed in care where their name was recorded as Mordaunt. The son, John William., reverted to the name Moreland when he was released from care. His sisters retained the name.
      Elizabeth had a daughter
      • Eileen Evelyn Mordaunt (1892 - ?). Lynne informs me that documents indicate her father was a Frederick Searle. The Australian Birth Index on does list her mother as Elizabeth Mordaunt. An electoral roll for 1914 for Delbridge lists an Eileen Mordaunt working on 'home duties.' An Eileen Mordaunt married Lorimer David Johnson in Victoria, also in 1914

    • A George Mordaunt, who I have not yet identified in any other part of this website, was described on his son George's marriage certificate as a horse dealer but where I have not yet discovered. His grandchildren refer to him as a gypsy so he may well have been an Irish traveller. If he was I think it most likely that he was the younger brother of a Wexford farmer whom economic necessity drove to adopt an itinerent lifestyle. His son George was born in Prescot, Lancashire, and his mother's maiden name Bradshaw is a common Lancashire name but I have not been able to identify a suitable George the father among the Lancashire Mordaunts. I have found no record of the marriage of a George Mordaunt to a Miss/Mrs Bradshaw. Among any other possible children they had was
      • George Wilfred Mordaunt (1913 - 1978) was born in Prescot, Lancashire. He joined the army, in the Prince of Wales Volunteers(South Lancashire Regiment) and it was probably while serving at Catterick Barracks in Yorshire that he met and married 1. Ellen Hird (abt. 1913 - ?) in Reeth, North Yorkshire, in October 1932. According to his daughter, Germaine, making an enquiry for more information on the website, George died in Hervey Bay, Queensland
        • Margaret J. Mordaunt (b. 1934) was born in Devonport, Cornwall. She stayed in the UK and married Ryszard Janczarek in Nottingham in 1955
        • Janet Mordaunt (b. 1936) was born in Richmond, Yorkshire. She stayed in the UK and married Dennis Dilks in Notttingham in 1956
        • Shirley M. Mordaunt (b. 1937) was born in Richmond, Yorkshire
        • Kathleen Mordaunt (b. 1940) was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire
        • Josephine. Mordaunt (b. 1942) was born in Richmond, Yorkshire
        He married 2. Florence Dawson in Bootle, Lancashire, in 1949. This was sometime after the birth of four of their children recorded in the Birth List for England and Wales.
        • Peter G. Mordaunt (b. 1942) was born in Bootle, Lancashire. He now lives in Auckland, New Zealand.. I am very grateful to his grandson, Reuben , for writing to me in August, 2022, with information about his family. Peter Mordaunt married Valerie Shelton (? - February, 2020). They had four children.
          • Craig Mordaunt (? - 2009). He died in a car crash in Gladstone, Queensland. He left a widow and two children
            • Stacy Mordaunt was born in Sydney
            • ? Mordaunt, born in Sydney
          • Kelly Mordaunt. She now lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
          • Linda Mordaunt. She now lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
          • Redacted at his request (b. 1973) He married Elizabeth Poole at Long Bay Beach, Auckland. She already had two children, surname Martin, who both legally changed their names to Mordaunt
            • Sarah Johanna-Rose Mordaunt (b. 1985). Sarah had a son
              • Ethan Mordaunt (b. 2003). born in Bunbury, WA.
              With her partner, Honi Marjoribanks, she has a son
              • Brooklyn Marjoribanks (b. 2015). born in Bunbury, WA,
            • Karl Siegfried Mordaunt (b. 1987). He married Hayley Lund in 2013 in Magaret River
              • Lincoln Mordaunt (b. 2016). born in Perth.
              • Ivy Mordaunt (b. 2018). born in Perth.
            After their marriage Elizabeth had their own children
            • Nathan James Peter Mordaunt (b. 1995), born in Tauranga, New Zealand. He now lives in Perth.
            • Frederick Mordaunt (b. 1996), born in Tauanga, New Zealand. He now lives in Perth.
            • Reuben Craig Mordaunt (b. 2000), my correspondent, born in Bunbury, Western Australia. He now lives in Perth
            The family seem to oscilate between Australia and New Zealand but, as at late 2022, are in Perth.
        • Richard Mordaunt (b. 1943) was born in Bootle, Lancashire. He now lives in Penrith, Sydney.. I am grateful to his former wife, Jacqueline, who kindly contacted me with additional information about the family.
          • Amber Melanie Mordaunt (b. 1977)
          • Nigel Richard Mordaunt (b. 1980)
        • George D. Mordaunt (b. 1944) was born in Bootle, Lancashire. He now lives in Sydney
        • Walter F. Mordaunt (b. 1946) was born in Bootle, Lancashire. He now lives in Penrith, Sydney. He has a stage name Cal.
        They emigrated to Queensland in 1950. A 1950 passenger list from Southampton to Sydney includes Mordaunts with initials G., F., S., K., J., P., R., G. and W. They had further children
        • Dorothy Mordaunt (b. ?). She now lives in Melbourne
        • Anne Mordaunt (b. ?). She now lives in Queensland
        • Violet Mordaunt (b. ?). She now lives in Queensland
        • Lloyd Mordaunt (b. ?). He now lives in Newcastle, NSW.
        • David Mordaunt (b. ?) He now lives in Newcastle, NSW.
        • Germaine Mordaunt (b. ?). She now lives in Queensland
        • Bruce Mordaunt (b. ?) who died aged 5 years of leukemia
      A brother and sisters of George Wilfred Mordaunt, who remained in the UK and whose details can be found on the Lancashire page, were
      • Frederick W. Mordaunt (b. 1916) was born in Prescot, Lancashire.
      • Mary Mordaunt (b. 1918) was born in Prescot, Lancashire.
      • Violet Mordaunt (b. 1916) was born in Prescot, Lancashire.

    • The late A. J. Mordaunt and his wife, simply Mrs Mordaunt, of Goodwood, Adelaide, were named in an annnouncement in an Adelaide newspaper rediscovered by Gary Whetton, as the parents at the wedding of their youngest son. Anyone know who the other son were - and daughters, for that matter.
      • John A. Mordaunt, who married Phyllis F. Penn on 1st July 1922 at Glen Osmond, Adelaide.

    • Michael Mordaunt (b. abt 1780s/early 1790s), a painter, according to Tim Wheeler doing research into this branch of the family, appears on his son's marriage certificate in Liverpool. The son:
      • Patrick Joseph Mordaunt (abt. 1814 - ?), born in Ireland, appears in the 1851 English census as widower, living in Liverpool with his 13 year old son, Gerald, both working as cordwainers (skilled shoemakers).
        • Gerald Mordaunt (abt 1838 - 1878) stayed in Liverpool, married, had a family and died in 1878. His family details are recorded on the Lancashire Mordaunts page.
        Patrick then married Caroline Gurnell in 1851 and had a son. His wife, Caroline, died shortly after.
        • Elijah Mordaunt (1852 - 1938) who was listed in the UK birth records. Elijah's mother died shortly afterwards. Patrick married again and, leaving Gerald behind in Liverpool, disappears from the records, probably returning to Ireland with his third wife and new son. Elijah eventually joined the Royal Navy. He appears in the marriage list, marrying Elizabeth "Betsey"(1859 - 1946) in the Naval port town of Medway in 1876. He appears as a stoker on HMS Defence in the 1881 census. Thereafter, he succesfully evaded any official recorder but his offspring appear in the birth lists and 1901 census in Caistor and Grimsby.
          Details of all his numerous children and grandchildren are given on the Mordaunts in the rest of Britain page but a number of his sons did return to Liverpool to work and settle. The eldest was
          • Joseph Robert Elijah Mordaunt (abt 1881 - 1943) is described in the 1911 census as a cashier, living at 203, Roberts Street, Grimsby.
            He married 1. Jane Williams (1878 - 1977) in 1901. The eldest of his seven children by three wives was
            • Joseph Samuel Elijah Mordaunt (1902 - ?). He married Caroline C. Nicholson in Liverpool in 1928 and their third son was
              • Joseph Robert Mordaunt (b. 1936) who was born in Liverpool. He married Dorothy A. Morrow in Liverpool in 1958. Having wondered where the family disappeared to, I am grateful to Joseph and Dorothy's son Michael for contacting me and explaining that they emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, in 1971.
                • Michael J. Mordaunt (b. 1959) was born in Liverpool. In Melbourne he married Rina Di Pietro in 1991
                  • Carl Mordaunt (b. 1998)
                  • Martin Mordaunt (b. 1999)
                • Mark R. Mordaunt (b. 1961) was born in Liverpool. He obviously returned to England to marry Alison Reid in Nottingham in 1994 and they both went back to Australia
                  • Alexander Joseph Mordaunt (b. 1996) was born in Melbourne.
                  • Mackenzie Colin Mordaunt (b. 2000) was born in Melbourne.
                  • Oliver Mark Mordaunt (b. 2000)
                  • Cassidee Imagen Mordaunt (b. 2000)
                • Kimberley Mordaunt (b. 1962) was born in Liverpool. She married ?
                  • Jesica Susan ? (b. 1991)
                  • Shannon Jade ? (b. 1999)
                • Anthony T. Mordaunt (b. 1964) was born in Liverpool. He married Kelly Owen
                  • Dylan Thomas Mordaunt (b. 1996)
                  • Natthan Jack Mordaunt (b. 1998).
                  • Liam Joel Mordaunt (b. 2007)
                  • Chloe Rose Imagen Mordaunt (b. 2007)
        Patrick married a third time in Liverpool in 1855, to Mary Ann Maloney. They seem to have had a daughter:
        • Rachel Mordaunt (1857 - 1860) was christened at St. Peter's, Liverpool, on 9th April, 1857. She is presumably the 3 year-old Rachel Mordaunt of Ringsend buried at the Royal Chapel of St. Matthew, Ringsend, on 9th July 1860.
        After the birth of Rachel, Patrick and his family, less Gerald, disappear from the English records and are assumed to have returned to Dublin. The death of a Patrick Mordaunt, born about 1813, was registered in Rathdown in 1875.
        Patrick and Mary Anne Maloney (or Malone) are named on his death certificate as the parents of
        • Elias Mordaunt (abt. 1873 - 28th December 1901). However, a possible entry for his birth, dated 28th March 1872, gives his parents as Joseph Mordaunt and Mary-Anne Malone. An Elias Mordaunt married in 1895. In a transcription of the parish record of the baptism of his son, Patrick Joseph, below, he is listed as Elijah and was living in Holles Street. In 1901 he and his wife, Jane Crabbe (abt. 1873 - 1948?), born in Dublin, were recorded in the 1901 census in Scotland with their second son, Patrick. Their eldest son, however, was staying with her parents, Edmund and Jane Crabbe in Bridge Street, Ringsend, Pembroke East. Elias died in Glasgow of TB (phthisis pulmonalis). Jane is listed in the 1911 census with her two sons staying with her parents, now moved to Pembroke Cottages, Pembroke East. She was working as a servant. The death of a Jane Mordaunt, born about 1873, was registered in 1943 but that was in Gorey, Co. Wexford. More likely is the Jane Mordaunt, recorded as born in 1876, whose death in Dublin South was registered in 1948. I am very grateful to their great grandson Declan Mordaunt for contacting me to add details of the family and to his son Dylan Mordaunt for adding still more.
          Details of all his numerous children and grandchildren are given on the Mordaunts in Ireland page. Their elder son was
          • Edmund/Edmond Mordaunt (b. abt 1895), born in Glasgow, possibly while the parents were in Britain doing seasonal work, was mentioned in the 1901 census, staying with his grandparents Crabbe, presumably while the parents were again away for seasonal work. In the 1911 census, aged 16, he was described as a bottle worker. His second son was .
            • Andrew Noel Mordaunt. He too worked in a glass factory. His fourth child in a family of seven children whose details can be found on the Mordaunts in Ireland page, was
              • Declan Mordaunt. He is a partner with a well known, world-wide accountancy firm in Qatar, having previously been with them in New Zealand. He married Geraldine Lacy
                • Trevor Mordaunt. He worked several years in senior positions at the Savoy Hotel, London, but returned to New Zealand where he now works in real estate.
                • Dylan Mordaunt. He is a doctor in Adelaide, Australia. I am grateful to him also for writing to let me know that he and his wife Kellie have twins
                  • Fionn Stephen Mordaunt (b. 2011)
                  • Niamh Susan Mordaunt (b. 2011).
                • Siobhan Mordaunt. She is a lawyer in Wellington, New Zealand

    • A Charles John Mordaunt married Lily Irene Mears in Sydney 1943.

    • Elinor Mordaunt (1872 - 1942) was the nom de plume of Evelyn May Clowes. An account of her life is given in Australian Dictionary of Biography. After an unhappy marriage she changed her name, and that of her son, Godfrey, by deed poll in 1915, to that of her nom de plume.
      I am very grateful to her great-grandson, Christopher Mordaunt, who kindly wrote to me in October 2013 about his family and tidied up some loose ends on the "Mordaunt family in Africa" webpage.
      As already mentioned, Elinor had a son
      • Godfrey Weston Mordaunt (9th March 1903 - ?), born in Melbourne. He married Joan Mary Frith. At some time, he went to Kenya and was a maize and coffee grower, according to correspondence between" "Evelyn" and "Bob Barnes" on the website. The correspondence gives his wife as Ann, which seems most probably an error. Joan was later to marry the plane builder Geoffrey De Haviland, in Kenya in 1951.
        • Phillip Mordaunt (30th August 1932 - 18th April, 1997). His birth was registered in Nairobi. His marriage to Iris Mary Trevethan (? - 2013) was registered in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, UK. They emigrated to the USA in 1966 where Phillip worked as an engineer at Sikorsky Aircraft in Connecticut.
          • Christopher Mordaunt (b. 29th May, 1963) He was born in Bedfordshire, UK. He is now living in Pennsylvania, USA.
          • Patricia Ann Mordaunt (b. 14th June 1964). She was born in Bedfordshire, UK. She is now living in Massachusetts, USA.
        • Ann Mordaunt. I am not sure which child was the elder. She married ? Darrell and lives in Bath, UK.

      New Zealand

    • John Mordant (sic) was listed in a 1870-1871 Electoral Roll in Aukland and again in the 1875-76 Roll.

    • John Mordaunt (b. before 1849 - 29th July, 1899) was listed in a 1870-1871 Electoral Roll in Camp Street, Charleston, West Coast, perhaps living above, or maybe even running, a shop. He was then listed for a number of following years. The 1880-1881 list gives his occupation as a painter. The 1885-1886 list gives his name as John Coady Mordaunt. He married Mary Ann Hooper, (abt. 1849 - 1902), in 1872. His Will, dated 29th July, 1876, describes him as a painter. Women achieved the vote in New Zealand in 1893 and the 1896-1897 list, lists both John and Mary Ann. He died in 1899 in Charlston, according to the Affidavit of Death. Mary Ann died in 1902. According to the 1905 Post Office Towns Directory, New Zealand, a John C. Mordaunt was a Justice of the Peace in Charleston.
      The 1900 Electoral Roll sees the sudden arrival of four more Mordaunts, all the children John and Mary Ann.
      • Ralph Mordaunt (1872 - before 1914?). He was listed, misspelt Mordant, in Charleston in the 1896 Electoral Roll, working as a bushman. In 1900 he was still a bushman but with his brothers(?) in Ten Mile. He married Mary Ann Meadowcroft (abt. 1875 - ?), born in England, in 1900. They were listed in the 1905 Electoral Roll in Cobden. While listed there still as a bushman, a 1905 Post Office Towns Directory, described him as a miner in Mimihau(?), which may explain his entry in the Absent Voter's Permit list that year. In the 1911 list he was described as a builder and contractor. He does not appear in any later electoral roll.
        • Edna Maine Haines Mordaunt (17th June, 1907 - ?)
        Ralph and his family disappear after the 1911 census. My correspondent, Howard Morgan, is investigating whether they moved to Australia.
      • Albert Mordaunt (1875 - ?) who was a miner at Ten Mile, North Beach, in 1900. This was his only mention in the electoral rolls.
      • Henry Mordaunt (1875 - ?) who was a miner at Ten Mile, North Beach, in 1900. This was his only mention in the electoral rolls in South Island. In 1905 there was a confusion of Henry Mordaunts in North Island who are listed separately below. This Henry married Emily Bannister in 1910.
        • Constance Ellen Mordaunt (b. 1902 - 1903) was described as 5 months-old at his death.
        • Edward George Mordaunt (9th November, 1903 - 1972). Usually described as a labourer on electoral rolls, he remained in the Greymouth area and was last listed in 1969. He married Alice Elizabeth George in 1934
      • Paul Mordaunt (1876 - 1950) who was a miner at Ten Mile, North Beach, in 1900. By the 1905 Electoral Roll he had married Florence Mathilda (abt. 1877 - 1951) in 1901 and was working as a bushman living in Kumara, West Coast. In 1911 they were both in Cobden with or close to his brother Ralph. They were the only Mordaunts listed in both 1914 and 1919 but in 1928 they were joined in the list by their son, Edward. They both last appeared in the electoral roll in 1949.
        • Paul Mordaunt (b. 1902 - 1903) was described as 5 months-old at his death.
        • Edward George Mordaunt (9th November, 1903 - 1972). Usually described as a labourer on electoral rolls, he remained in the Greymouth area and was last listed in 1969. He married Alice Elizabeth George in 1934
        • Mary Mordaunt (b. 1904).
        • Thelma Mordaunt (b. 1913 - 1936). She died aged 23 years
        • Paula Florence (b. 1915 - 1998?). The marriage of a Paula Mordaunt to Ivan James Currin was recorded in 1932. If her, she would have been 16 or 17 years-old. The death of a Paula Florence Robertson, born 1915, was recorded in 1998.
      • Albert Mordaunt (1878 - ?) who was a miner at Ten Mile, North Beach, in 1900. This was his only mention in the electoral rolls.
      I am very grateful to my correspondent, Howard Morgan, researching the Meadowcroft family, who kindly wrote to me in August 2022 with much information about the family of John and Mary Ann Mordaunt.

    • Henry Mordaunt was listed in the 1905 Electoral Roll in Mitchelltown, Wellington, working as a carpenter. The 1905 Post Office Towns Directory, New Zealand, describes him as a builder. Another 1905 Electoral Roll lists a Henry Mordaunt, a carpenter, several hundred miles to the north in Otorohanga, Waikato. Is it too big an assumption that they were the same person and, even more so, that he was the son of John and Mary Ann, above?
      Meanwhile, in Kihikihi, Waikato, only a short distance from Otorohanga, was married housewife Harriet Mordaunt, her one and only mention in the electoral rolls.
      Then, in the 1911 Electoral Roll, one Henry Mordaunt is a carpenter in Whangamomona, Taranaki, married to Emily. That was both their last mention in the electoral rolls.

    • Alice Elizabeth Mordaunt, (abt. 1900 - 1938), a married woman, her husband not named, makes an appearance in the 1935 Electoral Roll in Greymouth, West Coast, clearly very close to both Florence Mathilda and her son, Edward George, above, who were also in Greymouth. Her death was recorded in 1938, age given as 38 years.

    • Michael Mordaunt, according to the 1905 Post Office Towns Directory, New Zealand, was at the Junction Hotel, Dillmanstown.

    • Herbert Mordant (sic), an insurance mamager, and his wife May were listed in the 1905 Electoral Roll in Christchurch.

    • John Murray Mordaunt was the younger brother of Sir Charles Mordaunt, 10th Baronet (of Massingham Parva). His fourth child:
      • Gerald John Mordaunt (1873 - 1959) married Grace Adeline Impey (? - 1965) in 1900
        • Eustace John Mordaunt (1901 - 1988) married Anne Francis Gilmour (? - 1976) in 1934
        • Robin Charles Mordaunt (22nd February, 1909 - 1998) married Brita Thoren (1916 - 2011) from Sweden in January, 1939. In the war, he joined the Royal Air Force as a Pilot Officer. He was a shot down in November 1940 and spent the remainder of the war in Stalag 3. After the war he and his family emigrated New Zealand. They first appear in the New Zealand Electoral Roll in 1949 when he was described as a schoolmaster in Wakatu, Nelson.
          • Kristina Birgitta Mordaunt (b. 1946) was born in England before her parents moved to New Zealand. She married Christopher Ardagh McVeigh in 1967.
            • Brita McVeigh (b. 1970)
            • Carlotta McVeigh (b. 1971)
            • Anna McVeigh (b. 1975)
            • Juliet McVeigh (b. 1978)
          • Timothy John Mordaunt (b. 1949). He married Heather Gowing in 1976
            • Guy John Mordaunt (b. 1977)
            • Anthony Charles Mordaunt B. 1979)
            • Samuel John Mordaunt (b. 1986)
            • Rebecca Jean Mordaunt (b. 1982)
          A correspondent,Martin, kindly wrote the following to me in June 2018
          "I'm not a Mordaunt or related to your family in any way. However, when I was at secondary school in New Zealand, I was taught history subjects by a Mr. Robin Mordaunt.
          Robin Mordaunt had an interesting life story. During WWII he was with the RAF and was shot-down over Germany. He was held as a POW at Stalag Luft III, the location of the escape fictionalised into the film The Great Escape. Fortunately, he was still waiting in line to go into the escape tunnel when the guards found the exit outside the wire. As you know, most POWs who escaped were executed by the SS.
          Mr.Mordaunt was a great teacher and held an MA (Oxon). The school was Nelson College in Nelson, NZ.

    • Leonard Peter Mordaunt appears in the marriage reoords in 1956

    • Oliver Mordaunt, a scaffolder, and his wife Patricia appear twice the 1978 Electoral Roll, in Tamaki, Aukland, and in Te Atatu, Aukland. In the 1981 Electoral Roll, they were content to be just in Te Atatu. I have not found mention of an Oliver Mordaunt anywhere else so, where he appeared from, I have no idea.

    • James Mordaunt (b. 1939) was born in County Wexford, Ireland. He moved to Lancashire and with his partner, Joy Smith, he had a number of children born in Leigh, within the Ormskirk registration district, and Wigan
      • James Anthony Mordaunt (b. 1970) was born in Ormskirk. He married Michelle Green in Salford in September 2003. Today he lives in New Zealand, where he is better known as Tony Mordaunt.
        • James Mordaunt (b. 2009 )
      • Martin Francis Mordaunt (b. 1971) was born in Leigh. He is now living in San Francisco
      • Marie Louisa Mordaunt (b. 1973) was born in Leigh. She married in Wigan in April 1992 but has since divorced.
        • Shaun Mordaunt (b. 1993) was born in Wigan. He reverted to the name Mordaunt by deed poll.
      • Tara Sarah Mordaunt (b. 1981) was born in Wigan and now lives in Leigh.
        • Ollie Michael Grimes (b. 2006)
        • Oscar Mark Grimes (b. 2010)
      I am very grateful to Shaun Mordaunt for finding my website and spotting gross errors and I am very grateful to his mother, Maria Mordaunt, for writing to me and correcting them as well as providing much additional information about her family.

    • An unknown Mordaunt who, his great grandaughter Anneline Mordaunt who kindly made contact through the site Guest Book believes, may have been from Ireland, went to Africa and with a Swazi wife had a son:
      • Ellie Archibald Mordaunt (abt 1911 - 1997). Raised in Swaziland and working as a truckdriver, he moved to Johannesburg where he met and married Martha from Mafeking
        • George Mordaunt (b. abt. 1946) now living in Johannesburg
          • Anneline Mordaunt currently in New Zealand. I am very grateful to Anneline for making contact with this information
        • Arthur Brian Mordaunt, now living in Johannesburg
          • Bradley Mordaunt currently in New Zealand.
        • Eugene Mordaunt, now living in Johannesburg

    • Matthew Mordaunt, in 2011, is pastor of West Harbour Alliance Church, Waitakere City, "where God meets people who are far from perfect."

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