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14. Mordaunt Family in Canada

1148 - 1475
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19th Century Arrivals


  • John Mordaunt (abt. 1817 - ?) is recorded in the 1851 census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Sheffield, Addington County, Canada West (now Ontario), with his wife, Ann (abt. 1812 - ?), both born in Ireland. They were listed again in the 1861 census, with a variety of gross misspellings. They were then at Hungerford, Hastings, Ontario
    • Katherine Mordaunt (abt. 1841 - ?). She and her brothers and sisters were recorded as born in Upper Canada. As Catherine, she is recorded in the 1901 census, aged 60, unmarried, Irish extraction, lodging in Newburgh Village, Addington, Ontario. Her religion is listed as Methodist which seems unlikely.
    • James Mordaunt (abt. 1843 - ?). It is almost certain that he was the James Mordaunt of Irish origin who appeared in the 1880 US census with his 2nd wife Hannah in Spalding, Menominee, MI, and went on to raise a large family who can be tracked on the Mordaunts in America webpage.
    • Michael Mordaunt (abt. 1845 - ?)
    • Ann Mordaunt (abt. 1847 - ?). It is almost certain that she was the Anna Mordaunt (b. abt 1844) of Canadian Irish origin who had married William Navin in upper New York State by 1880, as recorded on the Mordaunts in America webpage.
    • Peter Mordaunt (abt. 1849 - ?). It is almost certain that he was recorded in the 1900 US census as an "inmate" in Rochester State Hospital, Ward 2, Minnesota.
    • unnamed Mordaunt (abt. 1850 - ?) a girl, age given 1 year in the census, not mentioned in the 1861 census.
    • Edward Mordaunt (abt. 1859 - ?) was listed in the 1861 census
    None appear in later Canadian censuses

  • George Mordaunt is recorded as marrying Jenet Latham on 19th May 1756 in the church of St. Peter and St. Paul in the parish of Ormskirk, Lancashire, England. "Jenet" seems to have been a family name among the Lathams around that time. The Lancashire parish records then show a number of Mordaunts born very soon after this wedding. It is possible they were brothers and sisters, George and Jenet's children. It is also possible they were cousins. Either way, they were clearly the "next generation" from George and Jenet. They in turn were followed by the "third" generation, born in the 1780s and 1790s, and then a "fourth," born in the 1810s and 1820s".

      Very much the third generation but I have found no hint as to whose son he may have been was:
      • William Mordaunt named in his son's marriage record as a gardener
        • Robert Mordaunt. In the English 1841 census, a Robert Mordaunt was a trainee blacksmith in the village of Bickerstaffe, Lancashire. With him was a James Mordaunt but it is unclear if this was a brother or, perhaps, a cousin. Whatever the relationship, James afterwards led a solid, secure life as a blacksmith while Robert appears to have been more wild. After the 1841 census, he seems to disappear from the census records but his marriage to Martha Tasker was recorded at St. Nicholas's, Liverpool, on 13th June, 1847, and then St Michael's church, Aughton, records Robert Mordaunt, a blacksmith, and his wife Martha at the baptism of their daughter, Elizabeth, on 13 August 1848. Martha Mordant, (sic), (abt 1829 - ?) does appears in the 1851 census, listed as married but with no mention of her husband. She was born in Bickerstaffe but living in Kirkdale, West Derby district.
          • William Mordaunt (about 1845 - 1904?). He appears to have married Emma in 1871 and lived in Everton. In the 1901 census he was working as a dock labourer. They had three lodgers in their house.
          • Elizabeth (Eliza) Mordaunt (1848 - ?), baptised on 13th August 1848. The record of the birth of an Elizabeth Mordaunt in Aughton in 1848 gives her mother's maiden name as Tasker. She appears to have married in 1872.
          Martha too disappears from the records after the 1861 census by which time she had had another daughter, Phoeby (sic) Mordaunt (b.1857 - ?).
          A Robert Mordaunt was found not guilty of burglary at Liverpool Assizes on 11th August 1852. There were simply not that many Robert Mordaunts about at this time, so the suspicion has to be that these are one and the same Robert.
          After this, Robert Mordaunt disappears from UK records found on the Internet. A little later, a Robert Mordaunt appears in Canada, born in the 1820s, a blacksmith from England. Did this Robert abandon his young wife and children in England and start a new family in Canada?
          Robert Mordaunt (abt 1827 - 31st August 1908) appears in 1861 Canadian census (not copied on the Internet) with an entirly new young family that started in 1857. He was is recorded as a blacksmith, born in England, living in Marysborough North, (now North Marysburgh?), Prince Edward, Ontario. His wife Elisa/Lizabeth/Eliza Murphy (abt. 1827 - 29th January 1916) was from Ireland. They and more children appear in the 1871 Canadian census at Manvers, East Durham, Ontario. Both were recorded as unable to read or write. They appear in the 1881 census, the 1891 census and again they were both alive for the 1901 census, house no. 23. By then the family were scattered; with them in 1901 was their daughter Elleen/Ella and a 14 year-old Maudi(?) Mordaunt, listed as a boarder but who may have been their granddaughter, Eliza Maud, daughter of Thomas, then settled in the US. Robert junior and his family were recorded seperately nearby, in house no. 15, and the other children had moved to the USA or married. Robert's death was recorded in Prince Edward in 1908. In the 1911 census, Eliza was an 83 year-old widow living with her son Robert, grandson David and daughter Ella.
          • David Mordaunt (4th August 1854 - 6th March 1932). He married Caroline Amelia Van Egmond (abt. 1856 - 1924) in Egmondsville, (was it her family's town?), Huron County, Ontario, on 6th September 1877. His brother Thomas was a witness. I note he declared himself as Methodists; both parents had turned their backs on their Catholic heritage. They were not recorded in the 1881 census and had already crossed into the USA where he is recorded in Cleveland, Ohio, in the US censuses of 1880 and later.
          • Thomas Mordaunt (17th February 1859 - ?)
          • Ellen/Ella Jane Mordaunt (abt. 1859 - 26th February 1935). In the 1901 census she was living with her parents and in the 1911 census she was with her brother, Robert. I suspect she was Nellie Mordaunt, below, the 39 year-old waitress in Napaneee(?) from the 1901 census.
          • Isabella/Isibella/Bella Mordaunt (abt. 1864 - ?). She married Michael H. Maxwell in 1890 in Waupoos, Prince Edward, Ontario.
            • Harold Maxwell (30th June 1900- ?).
          • William Mordaunt (17th July 1876 - 30th May 1936). He was listed as a voter in North Marysburgh in 1889. The American census records suggest that he trained as a blacksmith and crossed to the US about 1895 where he met and married Ohio girl Catherine and lived and worked in Cleveland. The family appear again in the 1910 US census but, except for their son Lester, I cannot identify them in later records. He seems to have returned to Canada as his death was recorded in Waterloo, Ontario, in 1936, when he was described as a farmer, and he was buried in Wampoos.
            • Pearl Mordaunt (abt. 1897- ?) was born in Ohio.
            • Hazel Mordaunt (abt. 1901- ?) was born in Ohio
            • Lester Mordaunt (abt. 1905- ?) was born in Ohio. In the 1930 census he was an inmate at the Cleveland State Hospital.
            • Howard Mordaunt (abt. 1909 ?) was born in Ohio.
          • Robert P. Mordaunt (November 1st 1870 - 12th February 1923) was still in Prince Edward for the 1901 Canadian census. He had married Bertha Love (October 26th 1880 - 2nd March 1910) whose death certificate states she died from shock after an operation. In the 1911 census Robert is listed as head of a household consisting of his son, David or Gerald, his widowed mother and sister Ella. They were the only Mordaunts listed in the entire Canadian 1911 census. On 18th May 1914, he married Ethel May Goodwin (1884 - 1938) in Prince Edward. He was recorded as Anglican, she Catholic. He gave his place of birth as Peterborough!
            • David Mordaunt (February 19th 1901- ?). In the 1911 census transcript his name was given as Gerald.

  • Martha Mordant (abt. 1848 - ), from the US(?) was listed in South Ontario in the 1871 census

  • Nelly Mordaunt (abt. 1862 - ?) was a 39 year-old waitress working in Napanee(?) at the 1901 census. Even though she is recorded as of French origin, I suspect she was Robert's daughter, Ellen, above, even though she was also listed at her parent's home.

  • Joseph Mordaunt (abt. 1881 - ?) was born in Ontario of Irish extraction, a carpenter and a Methodist in Cavan, Durham East, Ontario, married to Martha Gregg (1853 - ?), born in England, in the 1881 census.
    • Mary J. Mordaunt (9th October 1875 - ?)
    • John W. Mordaunt (abt. 1878 - ?)
    • Joseph H. Mordaunt (abt. 1879 - ?)
    • Lilian M. Mordaunt (abt. 1880 - ?)

  • Mary Mordaunt (abt. 1816 - 3rd January 1896), née Hogan, born in Ireland, widow of an Edward Mordaunt, also born in Ireland. She was listed in the 1891 census living with her daughter and a whole clan of Masurets.
    • Annie Mordaunt (1856 - 14th July 1934) who had married Moses Masuret and was living in Ward 6, London, Middlesex, Ontario.
      • Edmond James Masuret (abt. 1872 - ?) who married Ethel Letitia Macdonald in York County, Ontario, 19th July, 1900.
      • Annie Masuret (1st January 1873 - ?).

  • John Mordant (sic) (abt. 1841 - ?), a Catholic labourer born in Ireland, was at 02, Turnberry, North Huron 26, Ontario, at the 1871 census. Later that year, described as a farmer, he married Fanny Hewitt (abt. 1838 - ?) on 20th November 1871. He was listed among voters in Turnberry in 1875, no.99 in Sub-District 1. What happened to them after that I have not found out.

  • Lena Mourdant (sic) (? - ?), married to Daniel Sthals(?) is named in the record of the birth of a daughter
    • Ada Louisa Sthals(?) (12th September 1887 - ?), born in Muskoks and Parry Sound


  • Elizabeth Mordaunt (abt. 1841 - ?), was listed in the 1861 census, a 19 year-old house cook from Ireland in Richmond Street(?), South Side, Toronto. A brave girl travelling so far by herself? I have found no further record of her.

British Columbia

  • John Mordaunt and his wife Sary/Sarah Ewer (daughter of Roger Ewer and Sarah Stiles?), married at Saint Olave, Southwark, London, on October 18, 1719, were recorded in 1720 as the parents at the christening of a son at St. Bartholomew Exchange:
    • John Stiles Mordaunt (1719/20 - 1781). His prolific family may be followed on the pages of The Mordaunts in London page
      • George Mordaunt (abt 1753 - 13th January 1834) was the third of his surviving children.
        • William Henry Mordaunt (abt 1806 - 45) was his twelth child out of fourteen, or maybe even sixteen.
          • Alfred Edwin Mordaunt (17th April 1840 - before 1881), the fourth child of six, was born in St Pancras, London and christened 15th May 1840. Mentioned in the 1841 Scottish census, he was not mentioned with the family in the 1851 English census. He tried a career at sea and obtained his certificate as a second mate in 1862. Perhaps that is what took him west, to Canada, while others of his family were going south, to Africa. In Canada he married Sarah McAuley (abt. 1851 - 29th December 1882) on 2nd July 1869 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Victoria. He seems to have died before the 1881 Canadian census by which time Sarah was apparently a widow and is described as born in British Columbia of Scottish extraction and a Reformed Episcopal church member listed at Johnson Street Ward, Victoria. She was listed in a British Columbia directory in 1882 as a dressmaker but died the same year leaving her young family, one hopes, in the care of her parents.
            • Ada Caroline Mordaunt (1871 - ?) born in Durban in Victoria, BC, and baptised on 14th May, 1871. She married Thomas C. Griffitts (sic) on 19th October 1892 in Manhattan
            • Henry George Mordaunt (27th November 1872 - 1901/02). He was baptised 9th March 1873. Henry can be traced to the 1900 US census, when he was a gold miner, living in White Pines, Nevada, with his Utah born wife, Alice (December 1880 - ?). Alice had been remarried 8 years, to William Blackwell, by the 1910 census.
              • Violet M. Mordaunt (August 1899 - ?) was born in Nevada.
            • Percy Innwood Mordaunt (28th July 1875 - 8th April 1885) (Innwood was his grandmother's name). He was baptised on 18th October 1885 and died aged 9 years.
            • Ellen Mary Mordaunt (18th May 1877 - ?). A Nellie Mordaunt was named as the mother of
              • Clarence Edward Mordaunt (1894 - 1894) who was born and died in Victoria, BC. Apparently his father was not named.
              Ellen Mary married Robert Charles Jardine Macfarlane in Victoria on 3rd October 1899

  • Sarah Mordant (abt. 1871 - ), a young widow, was recorded in the 1901 census and was not mentioned in the 1911 census

  • Henry Mordant (abt. 1871 - ), was listed in Victoria BC. in a very sloppily filled in 1891 census form which gives no details but to list he was 20 years old and born in BC.

  • Catherine Mordaunt (1894 - 1894). Her birth and death were registered in Victoria.

  • William Mourdant (sic) (abt. 1887 - 31st October 1918). His death, aged 31 years, was registered in Prince Rupert.

20th Century Arrivals

  • Patrick Mordaunt (abt 1814 - ?), born in Ireland, had gone to Liverpool, where he married his second wife, Caroline Gurnell, in 1851 and had a son:
    • Elijah Mordaunt (1852 - 1938), who married Elizabeth (Betsey) Hammond (1859 - 1946). He had a varied career and his family is given in greater detail in the Mordaunts in the Rest of britain webpage, under Lincolnshire. His eldest child was:
      • Joseph Robert Elijah Mordaunt (abt 1881 - 1943) who was born in Caister, Lincolnshire. By his second wife, Frances Rehill (1905 - ?), he had his sixth child:
        • Eugene (Gene) David Mordaunt (1929 - 2005). He married Doris Williams in Liverpool in 1950. In 1951 they emigrated to Australia from Glasgow but moved on to Toronto, Canada, where his children and grandchildren still live.
          • Gene Mordaunt (b. 1950) was born in Liverpool in 1950. He married Corrine Grace Lowry
            • David Nathan Mordaunt (b. 1974) who married Natalie Chan
              • ? Mordaunt (b. 2007)
            • Matthew James Mordaunt (b. 1975) who married Sharilyn Petkau
              • Thomas John Mordaunt (b. 2004)
              • Ella Marie Mordaunt (b. 2005)
              • Katrina Anne Mordaunt (b. 2007)
          • Michelle Mordaunt (b. 1962).
      Elijah and Betsey's sixth child was
      • Charles Hammond Mordaunt (1887 - 23rd September 1968) who was born in Lackeen Place, Co. Kerry, Ireland. He was recorded in the 1901 UK census as a 14 year-old assistant dairyman in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. In the 1911 UK census he was a trawler fisherman, but sometime after went to Canada where he married Evangeline Haldane (? - 5th December 1974) in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, on 21st November 1922. The deaths of both were recorded in Prince Rupert.

  • Denis Mordaunt (abt 1786 - 1865, born in north County Wexford, Ireland, was my own great great grandfather. His family can be found in greater detail on the My family history webpage. His (probably) seventh child was :
    • Edward Mordaunt (abt. 1831 - 1917)), whose own seventh (probably) child was:
      • Patrick Mordaunt (abt 1874 - 1914) who marrried Bridget Plunkett. Their sixth child was:
        • Patrick (Paddy) Michael Mordaunt (1910 - 1988) who was my own uncle. He married Gladys Clark in Portsmouth, UK, in 1940. They were to follow their son Patrick to Delta, BC, and both died there.
          • Desirée Mordaunt (1942 - 2009)
          • Patrick Mordaunt (1943 - 2004). Patrick was born in Portsmouth, UK, and attended Portsmouth Grammar School. He studied graphic design and worked for the AA in its publications and its direct mailing departments. He moved with them when the headquarters was moved from Leicester Square to Basingstoke. In 1970 he married Tania Horsford in London and they eventually moved to her native Canada. He joined a direct mailing company in Delta B.C. and eventually became the owner. He died suddenly in 2004. Tania married Garry Nash on 10th July, 2015. She and her children Natalie and Peter continue the successful business in Delta.
            • Natalie Mordaunt (b. 1974) was born in Basingstoke, England. She married Jason ?
                • McKenzie
                • Jaycee
                • Ellie
                • Oliver
              • Peter James L. Mordaunt (b. 1977) was born in Basingstoke, England
                • Evan Mordaunt (b. 2009)
              • Alexander P Mordaunt (1979 - 1979)
            Pictured above Patrick and his father Paddy

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